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Product Name: Allantoin
CAS No: 97-59-6
Product Type: Agrochemical Intermediates
Product spec: 99%
Post Time: 2010-11-08
Description: 一、 Physical And Chemical Properties : Allantoin is a kind of white crystal with innocuity, no odor, no thrill and no irritability which shows itself as the single prism style or colorless crystalline powder when crystallizing in water. Melting pont is 226-240℃ and can dissolve in hot water, hot mellow, watery sodium hydroxide solution , dissolve in the water and mellow with normal temperature slightly, hardly dissolve in the organic solvents such as aether and chloroform. Its saturated watery solution ( concentration is 0.6% ) presents the slight acidity . PH value is 5.5 , stable in the watery solution with PH value 4—9, also stable in non-watery solvents and dry air , can be seethed in strong alkali solution and decompose by exposing to the sunlight . 二、 Main Purpose : Allantoin is a kind of important fine chemical with a broad purpose, universally used in pharmaceuticals, light industry, agriculture, daily chemicals and biology engineering.    1,In pharmaceuticals: Allantoin has many physiologies such as accelerating the growth of the cells, expediting the wound to cicatrize, intenerating horn albumen ,etc and it is also a good cicatrisation and anti-canker dosage for the skin wound which can be used to relax and cure skin xerosis ,dry scaly skin bits, skin canker, alimentary canal canker and inflammation and have a preferable curative effects on the osteomyelitis , diabetes, hepatocirrhosis and acne.    2,In cosmetics: Allantoin is a kind of amphoteric composition and can combine various substances and form the compound salt, which has the effects as avoiding light, sterilizing and antisepticising, acesodyne and anti-oxidation , can keep the skin with enough moisture content, moistening and tender and is the additive with special effects on the hairdressing cosmetics , which is universally used to fleck frost, acne liquid, shampoo, fancy soap, tooth paste, shave lotion, hairdressing lotion, astrictive and anti-sweat deodorization lotion.    3、In agriculture: Allantoin is the excellent growth regulator for the plants, which can activate the plant growth and have a remarkable effects on the wheat, orange, rice, vegetable and soybean, etc. together with fruit fastness and earliness.
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