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Product Name: Oxalic Acid
CAS No: 6153-56-6
Product Type: Inorganic Chemicals -> Inorganic acids
Product spec: 99%
Post Time: 2010-11-08
Description: Name : Oxalic Acid (Ethanedioate) CAS No: 6153-56-6 Molecular Formular :C2H2O4·2H2O Molecular Weight: 126.07 Property: Oxalic acid is colorless transparent crystal or white powder, Acidic flavor and toxic, the specific gravity is 1.653 ( 19/4℃ ) and melting point is 101 ~ 102℃. The specific gravity of anhydrous substance is 1.90 ( 17/4℃ ) , melting point is 189.5℃ ( decompose ) and subliming at about 157℃. Soluble in water, ethanol and aether. Oxylic acid is one of the strong organic acids, will lose moisture when combining with strong sulfuric acid and decomposes into carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Oxalic acid is easy to oxidize into carbon dioxide and water and can neutralize with carbon species and make oxalate. Main Purpose: Commonly used as the mordant dyeing agent, refining of glycerin and stearic acid ester, wheat products'' bleaching, metal polishing, precipitator of rare earth metal, dye production. Metallurgy Industries: used as deposition and separation of rare earth metal. Organic Synthesis: used to 2133 resin, urea formaldehyde molding powder and cis-polybutadiene accelerant. Light Industries: used to curry, timber, allanium products, marble polishing, dust-removing, bleaching and dirty removing, etc. Printing And Dyeing Industries: used to take place of acetic acid and as the dye- assistant agent of color-displaying and dyeing for the rapid pigment group and dye. Pharmaceutical Industries: used to tetracycline, terramycin, phenobarbital and borneol, etc. Electron Industries: used to the preparation of chemical material for ceramics'' capacitors , preparation of lotion for electronic equipments. Quality of oxalic acid conforms with the Standard HG1626-26 of Chemical Industry Ministry of China and is executed strictly according to Enterprise Standard S.T.Q/00883-2005-01.
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